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Launching soon!

Data4Science is a data donation platform that enables the ethical and safe re-use of data by approved researchers to advance health and behavioral research.

Why start Data4Science? Commercial companies hold vast amounts of personal data from individuals. Professor Melinda Mills from the University of Oxford and Founder of Data4Science found that her scientific team were rarely given access to this immense amount of data.  This was frustrating since this data could be used for public benefits for health, understanding behavior and solutions for a more equitable society. In 2018 she applied for funding to launch Data4Science, supported by grants from the European Research Council, and working with a team of researchers within Oxford’s Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science

What do we do? We ask individuals to donate their personal data from multiple places such as Twitter/X, Facebook/Meta, LinkedIn or Google archives, wearables and health trackers and even family trees and genetic data from direct-to-consumer companies. This data is then analysed and visualized into fun personalized graphics in a personal data report. We ask for the consent from individuals ethical re-use to allow access to a broader group of approved scientific researchers to analyse it for fundamental research beyond non-commercial purposes to use the data for good. Our integrity, transparency, accountability and highly-secure and regulated data platform keep data safe.

Why is this possible? We leverage the 2018 European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) law, which transformed personal rights and gave back control for individuals to request the personal data collected from and about them. This law, combined with our strong team, allows us to take back control of individuals data to use it for the greater good.

Join the Data4Science revolution!


For more information contact Prof. Melinda Mills &


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