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  • From 09/2019. Kayla Schulte. Inequalities in air quality information and air pollution. University of Oxford

  • From 09/2017 Domante Grendaite, Causal mechanisms underlying the association between genetic factors and educational attainment, University of Oxford

  • From 09/2016 Evelina Akimova, Social stratification, inequality and genetics, University of Oxford

  • From 09/2014 Giacomo Arrighini, ERC SOCIOGENOME project, University of Oxford

  • 09/2014-06/2018 Xueijie Ding, ERC SOCIOGENOME project, University of Oxford

  • 09/2015-10/2018 Riley Louis Taiji, Nonstandard schedules and family, University of Oxford

  • From 09/2014 Renske Verweij, “Understanding childlessness: Unravelling the relationship between genes and socio-environment” (First Supervisor, with Harold Snieder UMCG)

  • From 09/2012 Tomas Zwinkels, “Pathways to Power: Political Careers and Political Networks in the Netherlands 1945-2010” (First Supervisor)

  • 09/2014-01/2018 Anna Barbuscia, Assisted Reproductive Technology, University of Oxford 09/2011-2016

  • Felix Tropf, “Is Fertility in the Genes?” (First Supervisor, together with Harold Snieder UMCG, N. Barban)

  • 09/2011-2016 Maja Djundeva, “The impact of family status on healthy aging: A life course approach” (First Supervisor, together with R. Wittek, N. Steverink, RUG, R. Stolk UMCG)

  • 09/2010-09/2014 Gina Potarca, “Modern Love: comparative insights in online dating preferences and assortative mating” (First Supervisor, with M. van Duijn)

  • 09/2010-10/2014 Miranda Visser, “Professionalization and employment careers in humanitarian organizations”(with R. Wittek, L. Heyse)

  • 09/2009-09/2014 Patrick Präg, “Inequality and health outcomes” (First Supervisor with R. Wittek, RUG)

  • 09/2008-02/2013 Katia Begall, “Occupational Hazard? The impact of Occupation on Fertility” (First Supervisor with H. Ganzeboom, VU)

  • 09/2008-12/2012 Nicoletta Balbo, “Family, Friends, Fertility” (First Supervisor with N. Barban)

  • 09/2008-03/2013 Heike Schröder, “Scaling the Grades: The scaling of educational levels” (with H. Ganzeboom, VU)

  • 09/2007-03/2012 Katya Ivanova, “From Parents to Partners: The Impact of Family on Romantic Relationships in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood,” (First Supervisor with R. Veenstra)

  • 09/2007-02/2012 Valeska Korff, “Between Cause & Control: Management in a Humanitarian Organization,” (with L. Heyse and R. Wittek, RUG)

  • 12/2004-10/2011 Kadri Täht, “Out of Sync? The determinants and consequences of nonstandard schedules for family cohesion: The Netherlands within a Comparative Perspective,” (First Supervisor, with H. Ganzeboom, VU)

  • 01/2004-12/2008 Irma Mooi-Reci, “Unemployed and Scarred for Life? An Econometric and Longitudinal Approach to Unemployment and Policy Evaluations,” (First Supervisor, with Harry Ganzeboom, VU)

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